(400pcs) Medical Surgical 3-Ply Masks in Sterile Pack of 20



  • 20 masks per bag (Ethylene oxide sterilized)
  • Three-ply/layers (PP) Single-use only (disposable)
  • PP Filter BFE 95-98%
  • Rectangle, 17cm x 17cm . Allowable difference ± 10%
  • Don’t wear for more than 8 hours or till damp
  • Certified YY 0469-2011 Professional PRC Standard
  • FDA Certified


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FDA and CE Certified

Medical surgical masks, which implement the standard YY0469-2011, are commonly used medical masks in operating rooms and other environments where there is a risk of bodily fluids and blood splashes. They can block blood and bodily fluids from passing through the masks and contaminate the wearer. The filtration efficiency of bacteria is over 95%. 


Additional information

Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in


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